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C64 Spy vs Spy cover

Spy vs Spy: Original brugermanual


SIMULVISION utilizes a revolutionary split-screen display depicting both players activities simultaneously! Even while playing alone against the computer, you get to see what the other wise-SPY is up to.

SIMULPLAY lets both players play... you guessed it! Simultaneously. No more need to wait your turn as you travel throughout a selectable, yet randomly generated maze of interconnection rooms. While setting and defusing booby-traps, engaging in hand-to-hand combat, searching for the Top Secret briefcase (guess its not secret anymore) and looking for the only way out, you must collect your passport, secret plans, money, and a key in order to escape from the foreign embassy before your plane take off without you. Like alfred E. Neuman says, "If at first you don't succeed at first... SPY, SPY again."


When SPY vs SPY has finished loading into your computer, you will be presented ith OPTION screen.

Located inside the top room you will be able to select and modify the following options:

1. Number of players
2. Difficulty level
3. 'Intelligence Quotient' of the computer (one player version only)
4. Airport exit revealed or until the end.


With your joystick or appropriate keys, move your cursor, up and down, to any of the options. By moving the joystick right or left you can select one or two layer mode, difficulty level, and I.Q. of the computer (only available in one layer mode).



The rooms that you are in are three dimensional. Pushing the JOYSTICK forward will move you towards the rear of the room. Pulling the JOYSTICK right or left ill move you right or left. If you move from room to room, you will notice that a Movement Status Indicator bar (located below your room) is scrolling from right to left and being updated with each new room you have entered. These symbols can show you how to go back to where you've come from. For examples, if you move one room to the right and two rooms back, you will see, reading from right to left, two "down" arrows and one "left" arrow. To find your way back, follow the arrows reading from left to right, deleting each arrow until you return to the room in which you started. See "Bread Crumbs"


First, move within range of any object (you will hear a short tone and see a flash). Then press the Joysrick button. Any object within a room can be opened r lifted and may reveal one of the hidden items you are looking for. If you're not so lucky, it will activate a BOOBY TRAP, blowing you to smithereens....


Again, move within range if any closed door. Press the JOYSTICK button dand the oor will open.


K - Move left
L - Move right
A - Move back or up
Z - Move forward or down
Q - Access trapulator
S - Toggle music on/off
- Press to open or close a door
- To pick up or drop an object
- Select or activate a booby trap
- Start game
- Press once to stop your man,
- again to drop an object.
ESC - Pause game play
CTRL-R - Return to option screen

In Hand-to-Hand combat, use the K,L,A, and Z Keys to move the arm with the club: in, out, up, or down, while depressing the CONTROL Key.



The top half monitors the actions of the White Spy, the bottom half depicts the Black Spy (either player 2 or the computer). The activities of both Spies are revealed to both players in the rooms shown on the left side of the screen. The right side is reserved for the Trapulator and its six icons.


With the clock running at all times, we didn't think it was fair to make players wait to take turns. So, voila! Simulplay. Since both Spies' activities ake place out in the open, the challenge becomes watching and remembering what the other Spy does while you go about your business. Simulplay allows players to engage in club-to-club combat, place booby-traps, chase each other and generally get in the way.


The combat mode exists only when both spies are in the same room. SIMULVISION ends, and the spy that entered the common room appears on the same screen as the Spy that was already there. Both spies have the options of attacking, leaving, or avoiding the other Spy.

In the combat mode, spies cannont search objects, or use the Trapulator (no map or traps). Doors, however, still work, and so do any traps that might be connected with them. If spies are not withing range of any object when pushing he JOYSTICK BUTTON, they wield their clubs with which they can hit the other Spy on the head or jab him in the stomach. To smash him on the head, the button is held down while the JOYSTICK is moved from the Up position to the Down position (swing the club downward). To jab, move the JOYSTICK from left to right (or right to left, depending on which way the Spy is facing). When the JOYSTICK BUTTON is first pushed down, the Spy will automatically face his opponent, regardless of which way he was facing or moving. To move your Spy during combat, release the button ad move as normal. Hitting the other spy weakens him, and about 7 solid blows are needed to "Kill" him. However, Spies will recover strength over a period of time.

If a Spy is carrying anything when he enters a common room, the object is lost or hidden in the common room, depending on the type of object. Traps and remedies are lost, while inventory items and the briefcase are hidden somewhere in the room. The winner of the combat sequence can search the object ut, and either regain or gain possesion.

NOTE: At the beginning of each new game, both Spies will start out in the same oom only a few steps from each other. Soooo, don't become the victim of SAP-otage... keep your guard up!


Both players start out with equal time to travel the maze, collect required objects, search for the briefcase and exit the embassy before their plane takes off. However, there are several time penalties. You lose time when you set a booby-trap, When setting a trap, you will hear several beeps. This will tell you that the trap was properly set and it reminds you to watch your trapulator, which will be deducting the appropriate time. However, if you are the victim of a booby-trap or the loser in a hand-to-hand combat the clock will continue to count down even though you are 'unconscious'. These losses of ime can never be regained. When time is about to run out the red button on top of the TRAPULATOR will flash and sound it's warning. Both players can never run out of time at the same time. Therefore, one player will outlive the ther. The surviving player will continue his search for the briefcase required objects and the exit. If you are playing against the computer and the omputer has time remaining, you can abort the mission by typing CTRL-R. Even after your spy's demise, the traps he has set remain. The game is by no means over just because one player's time has run out. To stop the game or pause, press the ESC key.


As players move through the maze of rooms, they may select any of the five booby-traps. The booby-trap arsenal contains: Bombs, Springs, Buckets of Water, Guns with Strings tied to the Trigger and Time Bombs. The Time Bomb needn't be hidden. In fact, it is activated immediately and is the only booby-trap that cannot be carried or neutralized! The Gun with a string and the bucket of water can only be attached to a closed door. All other traps may be placed behind or in anything found in any room.

Spies can carry traps in and out of rooms, placing them where they wish when they are ready. Booby-traps are depicted in black while the remedies are shown in color.


1. Press the JOYSTICK button... TWICE! You have just accessed the TRAPULATOR. Observe the large arrow.

2. Move the large arrow about the Trapulator using the JOYSTICK or KEYBOARD arrows.

3. Position the arrow of the booby-trap of your choice.

4. Press the JOYSTICK or if you are using the keyboard, the SPACEBAR. The booby-trap is now held by your spy.

5. Position the Spy in front of the hiding place you have selected.

6. Watch for a brief flash in your Spy's room. This flash indicates the Spy is properly positioned.

7. Press the JOYSTICK/SPACEBAR. The booby-trap will disappear* and you will hear the short 'beeps'. These indicate that the trap has been set AND that time is being deducted from the time remaining before your flight leaves.


In the case of the Gun with a String trap, only the gun will no longer be visible. As you move your Spy about the room, the string will stretch and follow the Spy Position him in front of a closed door, watch for the flash, press the Joystick/Spacebar and the trap is set.

Once a trap has been set, EITHER Spy has can set it off! A Time Bomb will go off in 15 seconds once selected. Any Spy(s) in the room at the time of detonation will be zapped. Unlike other traps, the Timb Bomb is not set off by he searching of the Spies. Listen carefully for them. They come in handy if you are being chased. The unfortunate Spy will lose 7 seconds of actual time. Also, 20 seconds will be deducted from his game time, for a total penalty of 27 gaming seconds. The other player will be awarded bonus points for each trap set off by the opposition. If the boobytrappee ha been been in possesion of the briefcase, the other Spy can use this time to attempt to locate the victim and grab the briefcase.

To add insult to injury, when a player sets off a trap, he gets zapped while the other Spy laughs hysterically.


Except for the Timb Bomb, each of the traps has a disarming remedy hidden throughout the maze. Each type of remedy is always hidden in the same type of location. For example, the scissors are used to disarm the Gun with string. Scissors are only found in the First Aid kits hanging on the back walls. As with traps, remedies can be picked up and carried from room to room. Spies can NOT carry more than on thing at a time except inside the briefcase.


Commodore Spy vs Spy


Located to the right of each of the rooms is a calculator-like, state of the art, Trapulator. It serves four basic functions. You can use it to SELECT BOOBY TRAPS; ponpoint your LOCATION, gauge your TIME remaining and check INVENTORY.

Across the top of the Trapulator is a digital clock which indicates the time left until your plane takes off (with or without you)! Below the clock are six uttons. On the first 5, selectable booby-traps are indicated. However, the sixth button in the lower righthand corner calls up a map of the embassy you have broken into. The map will apprear in the room that your spy is occupying. he room your Spy is in will be the one blinking on and off. Rooms filled in with a color indicate that your Spy has been in that room at least once. Any required inventory items are represented by a dot. The map does NOT tell you what item or how many are in a particular room, just that something you are looking for is there. Finally, the Trapulator displays items you have successfully collected as you ready your escape. Its also indicates if an item as been taken from you. The item will now appear on th opposition's Trapulator. Across the bottom, left to right, should be your passport, money, key and the secret plans. The map does NOT show the location of the other Spy, or doesit reaveal anything about te other floor of the embassy (if there is one).


Your mission being to escape the embassy, Top Secret briefcase in hand, it is important to remember that all else is but a mere distraction. Before time runs out you must manage to find, fill, and keep the briefcase, locate the only exit and board your plane with ALL of the following: PASSPORT, traveling MONEY, the KEY, and the secret PLANS.

It is helpful to know that these items are never found in any of the remedy locations. Use the briefcase to hold all these items. Carry them with you or hide them. There is only on of each in any game. Protect the briefcase at all costs. If an item is found and you do not posses the briefcase your spy will be carrying a white satchel and the item contained will be flashing on the Trapulator.


There is only one way out of each embassy building. The exit door is marked. You can NOT leave without all of the required inventory. The airport guard will see to that!


Some of the embassy buildings are two stories high. Your Spy can climb from floor to fllor by using the ladders. Holes in the floors are often hidden by carpets. Use the JOYSTICK or SPACEBAR to cover/uncover such an opening. Use the JOYSTICK OR KEYBOARD to move up or down.


If you enter a room with a lader, you can activate it by moving within range and pressing the JOYSTICK button. Pressing the JOYSTICK button once will lower he ladder to ground level, enabling you to move your Spy up the ladder to the upper floor. If you do not push your spy up the ladder but push the JOYSTICK button a second time, the ladder will raise back up. To climb up or down, tap your JOYSTICK once in the appropriate direction. The spy will move by himself. o NOT keep the JOYSTICK forward or back. If you enter a room with a rug, standing within range of the rug, pressing the JOYSTICK button will lift the rug and reveal a hole. Move your player over the hole and he will climb down the ladder to a lower floor. You can cover a hold by standing near it and again pressing the JOYSTICK button.


You can re-trace your steps by using the small character indicators just below he front edge of your room. These guides (not available in the higher levels) ctually point the way back to where you have just come from!


Points are awarded or deducted for the following:

+80 winning at hand-to-hand

-20 losing at hand-to-hand

+30 fro placing a booby-trap

-80 for being the victim of a trap or airport security guard's boot

+60 only for stealing other player's inventory item

-70 calling up the help MAP

+40 using a remedy sucessfully


At the conclusion of each game, players will be awarded the title or rank they ave earned. Bonus points and time penalties are calculated by the computer.

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