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C64 Wizard of Wor Cover

Wizard of Wor: Original brugermanual


COMMODORE is dedicated to bringing you the best software designed for your Commodore 64 computer. Our staff of highly-trained professionals create top quality programs for your home, school and business.

This program, WIZARD OF WOR, is designed in cartridge form for some very important reasons. The cartridge format brings you easy loading, program protection from accidental erasure, and long term reliability. But most important, it means that you're getting a quality-controlled, pretested program that should work first time, every time.

Commodore reserves the right to make changes in materials and specifications without notice.

(C) 1983 Commodore Electronics Ltd., all rights reserved.

WIZARD OF WOR adapted for the Commodore 64 by Jeff Bruette.


Turn OFF your Commodore 64 before inserting or removing any cartridge.

Insert the cartridge, with the label side up, into the expansion port on the back of the Commodore 64. The expansion port is the opening farthest to the right when the keyboard is facing you.

Turn ON the Commodore 64. The opening WIZARD OF WOR title page should appear. If the screen remains blank after 5 seconds, turn the computer OFF, then on again. If this doesn't work, turn the computer OFF and remove the cartridge. Carefully re-insert the cartridge and try again.

You are about to enter the dungeons of the WIZARD OF WOR!! This mystical game is the first from COMMODORE that TALKS BACK TO YOU (with your Commodore Speech Module). As a "noble worrior", your mission objective is to descend deep into dungeon mazes, battle visible and invisible monsters, evil demons, and even the Wizard of Wor himself! Go as far into the dungeons as possible, beat the Wizard and his monster babies, while scoring as high as you can. The game ends when all player worriors have been killed. Be of good cheer noble worrior. for herein lie many secrets of the Wizard.


The WIZARD OF WOR'S dungeons are created with 25 different maze combinations. Therefore, no two games or game levels are identical.

Although there are 25 different dungeons, overall dungeon difficulty takes place on two levels- basic dungeons and Worlord dungeons. In addition, there are two special dungeons. The Arena and The Pit, which occur at certain times during play.


At the start of your adventure you find yourself in DUNGEON ONE. This dungeon contains 6 BLUE BURWORS. As you shoot the last Burwor, a YELLOW GARWOR appears.

The Garwor will battle you to his death, but then a RED THORWOR appears to continue the attack. Both Garwors and Thorwors often turn invisible. Be careful worrior, for these two beasts become visible when they enter the same corridor that YOU are in! The longer it takes for you to shoot the monsters of Wor the faster they move and the harder they are to get rid of. When you destroy all the Thorwors in a dungeon, the round ends. At that point one of three things can happen. You will descend further into the dungeon. The Wizard will send his favorite creation, the evil demon WORLUK, after you. Or, if you are lucky enough to escape from Worluk, the WIZARD OF WOR, may appear himself, firing deadly lightning bolts as he teleports toward you. This continues until one of your worriors is shot, or until the Wizard has been banished. At that point you are teleported to a new level of mystery where you must continue your quest.


After successfully completing your level 3 dungeon you are rewarded with a bonus worrior. At that point you're worrior skills are given their toughest test so far. Your entire force descends to THE ARENA, the most challenging of the basic dungeons. Featuring a large open area, The Arena is a preview of what is to come in the Worlord dungeons and the dreaded Pit.


If you survive to face the Wizard and his babies in this eighth level dungeon, you have gained enough experience to become a WORLORD. The Wizard knows that he must present you with a different type of dungeon if you are to be defeated. Therefore, he has designed the WORLORD DUNGEONS. These dungeons have large open spaces, like The Arena. It is here that you must prove your accurate weapon-firing skill. A shot that misses from here on out, usually means certain death for a player's Worlord.


Surviving THE PIT is the ultimate goal of the Wizard of Wor. The Pit occurs at the level 13 dungeon and every 6th dungeon after that. One miss is almost certainly fatal, because the Wizard is particularly deadly in his natural environment and because there is no where to hide. A bonus worrior is awarded just before you enter the first Pit only. But should you survive you and your worriers will earn the title WORLORD SUPREME.


WIZARD OF WOR is a game for 1 or 2 players. When 2 people are playing, both players control their worriors at the same time. You don't take turns. The two players may decide to shoot each other, but teamwork is better for longer survival time.
Use your JOYSTICK controllers) with this Commodore program. Since this can be a one or two-player game, make sure that your controller is plugged FIRMLY into CONTROL PORT 1 for one-player, or CONTROL PORTS 1 AND 2 for two-player fun. The control ports are located on the RIGHT side of your Commodore 64.

To start a one-player game push the fire button on JOYSTICK #1. For a two-player game push the fire button on JOYSTICK #2.

To maneuver your WORRIORS hold the controller with the red button facing toward your TV screen. Push the joystick forward to move your worriors up the screen. Pull the joystick toward you to move down the screen. Move left by pushing the joystick left. Move right by pushing the controller to the right. Your worrior will keep moving until you release the joystick to its standard, upright position, or until the worrior runs into a maze wall.

Your disrupter weapon always fires in the direction you are facing. To fire, press the red button on your controller. Note: a light tap on the joystick will change your worrior's weapon direction, without moving him out of position.


Hit the RESTORE key on your Commodore 64 to restart a game without resetting the HIGH SCORE.

Press the RUN/STOP key to pause a game in the middle of play. The game will remain in pause until the joystick is moved or the firebutton is pressed.


Entering the dungeon is simple, but there may be times when choosing the right time to enter can be tricky. At the start of each dungeon you have 10 seconds to enter the maze. Just push the joystick toward the red fire button to enter. If you don't bring your worrior out immediately the 10 second countdown begins, and the numbers are shown next to the ready box.

At the end of the 10 second countdown, your worrior automatically enters the dungeon. If one of your worriors is killed, you can have another one take its place. Once again, if you don't immediately bring your new worrior into the fight, the 10 second countdown begins.


The RADAR is located in the bottom center of the screen, under the dungeon.

The Radar screen shows you the location of every monster in the dungeon, visible and invisible. It's a good idea to use the Radar to anticipate a monster's attack. The only creatures that don't show up on radar are your worriors.


BURWOR (BLUE)........................ 100 points
GARWOR (YELLOW)...................... 200 points
THORWOR (RED)......................... 500 points
PLAYER (BLUE OR YELLOW)..............1000 points
WORLUK (BLUE AND YELLOW)............ 1000 points
Double Score Next Dungeon
WIZARD OF WOR.......................... 2500 points


You receive bonus worriors a maximum of two times during the game. The first Bonus Worrior is awarded after the third level dungeon. The second Bonus Worrior is awarded before you enter The Pit for the first time.

The Wizard of Wor says, "Scores of 150,000 or more are exceptional."


In the basic dungeons you learn the fundamentals of survival. First of all, remember that you are a noble worrior. This means that you want to fight the monsters, not run away. Try to kill off as many monsters as you can early in each round. If you waste time waiting or running, the monsters will speed up until they run faster than you which makes firing at them much more difficult. Only one shot per worrior can be in the air at a time. Therefore, in a short corridor you can fire very fast because your shot will always hit a wall quickly. In a long corridor, the shot stays in the air for a long time, leaving you in hot water if a monster attacks from the side.

If your shot seems to go in the wrong direction, it's because your worrior has not fully rounded a comer before you fired a shot. Learning when not to shoot is a very important strategy for a successful worrior.

If one of your worriors gets eaten or shot, check your Radar to make sure there are no monsters near your entry gate, and then bring in another right away. This is particularly useful against Worluk, whose chaotic nature keeps him from escaping rapidly. It's often possible to bring in your second worrior and kill Worluk for a double score on the next dungeon, before he escapes. Killing the Worluk is essential to high scoring. It's usually a good idea to move your worrior in front of the door that the Worluk should use to escape.

Teamwork can be a major point of strategy in Wizard of Wor. In the basic dungeons, you and your partner can position your worriors to cut off the monsters as they try to enter the corridor that the worriors are standing in. But watch out! This position is strong, but not invincible. When it comes to short corridors, back to back teamwork is a good idea.

In the advanced mazes, the Worlord Dungeons, be extra careful when firing off a shot. If a shot misses a monster, it's likely that it will travel a long way before hitting a wall. In that time, a monster will probably show up and eat your worrior. In some Worlord dungeons, there are places that a team of worriors can defend effectively. But beware! one player can easily lose a worrior while trying to move into position.

When you reach THE PIT, you're on your own.

As for the Wizard of Wor, there is no easy way to defeat him. However, you can minimize your risks by not standing in long corridors. If you are in a long corridor and the Wizard teleports into that alley, he will have a clear shot at you. Try to shoot the Wizard as soon as he appears. The longer you wait, the more likely he is to teleport right next to you. The Wizard also likes to play deadly games with worriors by popping up from behind.


The most unique feature of the WIZARD OF WOR is that he actually talks to you while the game is in play (if you have a Commodore Speech Module). At any point in the game the Wizard may try to distract or harass you by speaking threatening phrases.

Now, go forth noble worrior, and do battle with the Wizard of Wor! 1

Commodore 64

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Copyright 1981 by Commodore Business Machines, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of the programs or manual included in this work may be duplicated, copied, transmitted or reproduced in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of Commodore.

This cartridge may only be used with the Commodore 64 system.

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